Syncing calendars, address book and files with multiple devices

As a user of Linux, Windows and Mac OS, I needed a cross platform software solution for file syncing. I also looked for a solution for syncing my calendar and address book between my mobile device and my operating systems. I also preferred a locale installation instead of a cloud service solution.
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OwnCloud for syncing calendars, address book and files

OwnCloud is an Open Source software with a commercial branch. There are many repositories for multiple operating systems and tons of how-to’s on the internet. It is based on the popular MySQL data base and uses Apache and PHP for web publishing. There are clients for file syncing and viewing available for multiple devices including iOS and Android. Syncing calendar and a address book is limited to the calDAV and cardDAV protocol. While Linux, Mac OS and iOS hast built in the protocol, there is also a client for Windows, called eM Client. For Android users, there are also a lot of DAV syncing software available in the Android-Store.