MSN Messenger Sign in problem

I have problem almost every time I try to sign in MSN messeger in my room. It shows the message "Sorry, we were unable to sign you in to the MSN Messenger at this time. Please try again later." When I try the Troubleshoot, sometimes it shows key port error. I also checked the firewall that it does not block this application. Is it because of the internet connection in my room? By the way, it works quite fine when I browse the web in browser. How to set or configure so that it does not show the error?

How to manage Search Engine List in Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox provides search tab which is convenience for searching. By the way, you may want to change search engine that you are familiar with. For example, you may want to change from google to yahoo and vice versa. Moreover, sometimes google search point to regional google of the location where you are.You may want to change to the language that you prefer. How to solve this problem?

Providing contact to website users

How to provide the possiblity to contact a certain entity is difficult for many companies and organizations. Especially for small NGOs, it is not possible to have a big mailing infrastructure and to maintain server-side spam filtering. Therefore, email addresses should not be published as plaintext. Nevertheless, the website of the NGO should somehow offer the possibility to contact the NGO. It is important that the technology used is widespread and cheap, since NGOs do not have a large amount of money to spend on specialized technology. If possible, open source software should be used.

Checking websites for updates

Lots of websites get updated on an irregular basis. Some may get updated every week, others get updated every hour; some may not get updated for month and users are bored looking up the website regulary and they do not find any new content. In addition, checking websites manually is not very efficient and costs a lot of time. The solution for this problem should provide an easy way to check websites and stay updated. It would be helpful if the tool is able to highlight changes.

I have two laptops and only one internet cable. How can I have net on both?

A friend of yours comes to visit you. You need both the internet to search for things. You only have the internet cable and no others devices. What can you do?

Managing courses and providing a registration System

The registration system should offer a specified number of courses and a limited number of possible registrations. The system has to ensure that no further registrations are possible if the places are limited. It should be possible to integrate the system into an existing website, including adaptions concerning layout and design.

The registration process is limited to a specific time and registered users should be able to change their registrations. The users should be able to log on and view as well as change their current registrations.

Post the code on internet

You have a big project and you are in a team with others. You need a secure host where you can post your work and share it with the others members. We are talking about small projects, not those from the big companies.

I am sending email and they are going into the spam.

If you are having an email address and the messages you are sending is not receiving to the client or it is going into the spam folder of the client what can you do? What are the step to follow?

Set up your own mailing list

Communication amongs group members is a big topic for me and mailing lists offer a nice and easy way to get informations to many people. There are some free mailing list services out there but how can you get it working and which one is the best?

Configure fetchmail and procmail to filter your emails

I got plenty of mail accounts and I have a laptop and a personal computer and I am tired of reading every mail twice. One time at home and one time on my laptop. So I want a mail system where I have to read my mails only one time. Imap seems to be promising to do this and since i got a server who is capable of imap i wanna configure it to get the mails into the right folders from my different mail accounts. And procmail offers a filtering system which can help me in automatically get the mails into the right folder.


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