Installing JBoss Tools on Eclipse

<p>My aim is to figure out how should JBoss Tools be installed on Eclipse IDE. I guess probably most of you know already Eclipse IDE and possibly heard about JBoss Tools. As we are going to develop some Rich Internet Application, I need your advice for my statement.</p>
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Installing JBoss on Eclipse

The easiest way to get started with JBoss Tools is to use JBoss Developer Studio, which includes an installer for JBoss Tools and all its requirements. Choose one of these versions:

 If you already use Eclipse, you can install the JBoss Tools plugins into your existing Fedora Eclipse 3.4Eclipse 3.4.2Eclipse Ganymede JEE SR2 Bundle (also here), or Eclipse Ganymede BIRT bundleusing these update sites.See the complete list here or here In order to resolve all the requirements, you may need to add or enable the both of the following other update sites within Eclipse.

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How to install the JBoss Tools on Eclipse

The following is the solution of install: Prerequisites: Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers is installed I guess that you all probably have worked or at least have an idea what Java EE is, if not then here is a short explanation of Java EE. Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) builds on the solid foundation of Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) and is the industry standard for implementing enterprise-class service-oriented architecture (SOA) and next-generation web applications. The SDKs contain Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server, previously named Sun Java System Application Server, and provide support for Java EE 5 specifications. For more information look on Internet. 1. Start Eclipse. Click the Help menu and go to Software Updates -> Find and Install. 2. Click the radio button next to “Select for new features to install” and click Next. 3. Add a new remote site by clicking on the “New Remote Site” button. In the name field put in “JBossTools Stable Update Site” and for the URL put in “” then click OK. Make sure the JBossTools Stable Update Site is checked then click Finish. 4. Eclipse’s Update Manager will connect to the JBossTools site and parse the features to be displayed. On the Search Results dialog window, click the check box next to JBossTools Stable Update Site to install all the features under JBossTools Stable Update Site: 2.0.1.GA and Mozilla Libraries. Click Next. 5. Accept the terms and conditions in the license agreements after reading them and click Next. Make sure all the features you want to be installed are on the “Features to install” list then click Finish to start the actual install. 6. Once the downloading and installing is complete, restart Eclipse so all changes can be applied.