Sharing Internet via Mac OS Leopard to other computers

<p>This is probably a most frequent challenge for Mac users as many students in Vienna are using Internet connection form Chello at their home. It is not possible to several computers at the same time to connect to a modem. When using a Mac Computer, you may connect to the Internet only through ethernet slot. Moreover, you will need to register your computer's ethernet-ID with your provider (Chello) in order to access Internet. It is different when using Windows, where users can simply just install required modem driver to a computer. When using Windows,there is no difference in kind of computer one uses. What is needed is to only install a modem driver. Whereas on Mac OS, it will not be sufficient, because your Internet access is only valid to that computer, which Ethernet-ID is registered to Chello (Internet provider).</p>
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How to share an Internet via Mac OS Leopard to other computers

If your Mac computer has an Internet from Chello, the only way to share it is the following steps: 1. Go to Control Panel (you find it in your Finder) 2. From the menu Internet and Network choose Sharing 3. After this step, you see on your Control Panel, a list of computer's sharing possibilities (File sharing, Web sharing, Screen Sharing and so on....) 4. Choose an Internet sharing 5. Define how to use an Internet together (through Ethernet in this case) 6. Define how the other computers get your Internet (throhgh Airport in this case) 7. Further more you could define a password in order to protect your connection from unknown users, or just leave without password if you dont mind that other unknown users use your Internet. That are probably all steps!!! And it should definitely work, if you follow this instruction clearly.