Sharing a gmail calendar with a specific other gmail user

All the members of your team are using gmail in general and also the gmail calendar to organise all the meetings and events. Is there a possibility to have a "business-calendar" everybody has access to and can read/write events?
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Sharing the gmail calendar

It is possible to share your own calendar with several people. And it is also possible to import the calendars of several people. So by sharing a calendar you choose a calendar, a specific user and the permissions that this user shall have. After that, the chosen user gets an email with a link he hast to click on and that's it. From then on, he sees all the entries of yours, he has the permission to see.
The steps are:

  • go to your gmail calendar in your browser
  • under the section "My calendars" choose the calendar you want to share
  • click on the arrow on the right side
  • select "share this calendar"
  • under "share with specific people" you can choose a user you want to share your calender with
  • under "permission settings" you can choose, if the user can only read entries or if he can also write some
  • finally you have to enter the email adress of the user, click "add user" and click "save"