SSL certificate on Microsoft IIS Server not working

While trying to establish a secure SSL connection for a webservice i encountered the problem that IIS did load the certificate but when trying to access the service with some other program the SSL connection timed out. Though IIS did somehow indicate that this URL needed a SSL connection (in comparison: if i tried to connect by some other port than 443 with an SSL request i didn't get a timeout), i can't figure out the problem, cause i can view the certificate in windows regulary and assume it is correct. I used several tools and methods to create the certificate but all ways failed.
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IIS needs a specific Certificate format

For creating a working key for IIS Server you need to create the key in IIS Manager Console.

1. Create a new Certification Request in IIS Management Console for a specified website.

2. The newly created Request has to be signed now. Therefore you can use some Certification Authority (CA) like Thawte or VeriSign, they also provide temporary certificates for testing purposes.
It is also possible to do this step by yourself by using "IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools".

3. Take the whole text from Certification Request generated by IIS and copy it into the enrollment form for CA and select the format (in this case IIS 5.0 or 6.0)

4. Now a certificate will be generated by the CA you can store in a *.cer file.

5. You can take this file now and assign it to the pending request on IIS and the SSL authentification should work.