Access Disk-Image-Files with Windows (.dmg)

Mac OS X uses its own file system for image files (HFS, HFS+). Files/Drives with this file system cannot be accessed under Windows. The same problem occurs with Disk-Image files that are used by Mac OS X to bundle data and burn them to an external data disc. Under Windows there is no built in solution to handle with these HFS based file systems.
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Access Disk-Image-Files with Windows (.dmg) - Solution MacDrive

Windows does not provide a built in solution to handle HFS based file systems, but there do exist some additional software tools to solve this problem.

There are tools like the commercial TransMac and HFSExplorer or dmg2img for example.
It’s quite easy, with these additional tools, to access and read the data out of such a file system. However it causes problems if you try to write or to create a data disk with such a file system. The tool MacDrive from Mediafour solves this problem and even allows you to easily create disks with an HFS format. This tool works great as an interface between Windows and Mac (mounting Mac partitions, read, write, …).