Configure Single Sign-On (SSO) in update.CRM

Configure update.CRM that the users do not need to specify their username and password in order to login to the CRM application. The authentication to the web application of update.CRM should be done by passing the user‘s Windows credentials automatically to the rights module granting the user access to the CRM system.
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Associate windows credentials to CRM user account

The configuration of SSO authentication requires that all CRM users have their Windows user names mapped to their CRM user account and the application pool of the update.CRM web application must be configured to support „Windows authentication“.

The following steps are required to configure SSO authentication:
1. Login to your update.CRM rights module using an administrative account
2. Navigate to the users section and open the appropriate CRM user accounts
3. Enter the user‘s Windows account and domain name to the CRM user record in order to associate the Windows user account to the CRM user account
4. Open the „Internet Information Services“ module and select the application pool of the update.CRM web-application
5. Navigate to the section „Authentication“ and make sure that „Windows authentication“ is selected (not „Anonymous authentication“)