Facebook Events/Birthdays in Google Calendar

You want to haven an overview of your schedule in your Google calendar and therefore also want to see all the Events and Birthdays which are in your Facebook calendar.
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Export events from Facebook into Google calendar

To export all upcoming events or birthdays at once:

  • Click Events on the left side of your homepage.
  • At the bottom right, below Events Happening This Week, click Upcoming Events to export all upcoming events. Click Birthdays to export all upcoming birthdays.

To export an individual upcoming event:

  • Go to the event you'd like to export and click > Export Event.
  • Select whether to save the event to your computer or send it in an email.
  • Click Export.

To import these events into your Google calendar, do the following:

  • Copy the link you got from the previous steps of exporting.
  • Click the triangle right beside "Other calendars"
  • Choose the option "Add by URL"
  • Copy the URL into the textfield
  • Click "Add Calendar"