How to configure your mobile phone as a modem to internet

Your computer don't have internet connection. Your mobile phone have. U can connect your phone to your laptop by cable, infrared port or bluetooth. How do you make your mobile phone works as a modem ?
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Using bluetooth connection to configure your mobile phone as a wireless modem

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth at Your Handphone

At your phone, go to Setting -> Menu -> Connections, then click on Bluetooth icon. Turn on Bluetooth, set phone’s visibility to “Show to all” and name “your phone’s name” at your preference.

Step 2: Setup Bluetooth Device at Your Laptop

1. Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Bluetooth Devices. Click on Add.. and a pop-up Add Bluetooth Device Wizard would displayed.
2. Tick “My device is set up and ready to be found” checkbox and click Next.
3. The wizard now will auto search for any available Bluetooth device and display accordingly. Select the new device found and click Next.
4. You will come to passkey setup screen, please choose “Let me choose my own passkey” and enter your desire passkey and click Next.
5. You will see window is installing Bluetooth device. Once completed, you will be asking “Add to My devices?”, click Yes. Enter the same passkey that you have entered previously and press Ok. Please wait while laptop is installing the Bluetooth.
6. Click Finish to complete the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard.

Step 3: Setup New Connection at Your Laptop.

1. Go to Control Panel -> Network Connections, on the right panel click on Create a new connection.
2. You will see a New Connection Wizard window display, click Next.
3. There are few connection types display, please choose Connect to the Internet and click Next.
4. At this screen, please choose Set up my connection manually and click Next.
5. Please choose Connect using a dial-up modem and click Next.
6. At the Device selection screen, choose Modem – Bluetooth DUN Modem (COM21), then click Next.
7. Key in ISP name and click Next.
8. Key in ISP’s phone number and click Next. In this case for Maxis, key in *99#.
9. For Connection Availability, please tick Anyone’s use and click Next.
10. Enter your user name, password and confirm password then click Next.
11. You are now completing the new connection setup, tick “Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop” checkbox and click Finish to close the wizard window.