How to get WiFi to an old PC?

Suppose you have a wireless router at home and also an old PC in a room further away. The old PC has no usb, nor WiFi interface, only ethernet, but you wan to use it anyway as a simple webserver. Or you just want to have the same network in a two-story building on the other floor than you router is - all this without cabeling, using AP-s.
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VPN or Tor

There are two solutions for this problem. In both cases you have to find a computer in the actual country where the content is not blocked:

  • VPN services like Hola, which is also embeddable in a browser too, do exactly that: you connect to a server, which then lets you use a network in th preferred region
  • If there is no (free) VPN service, then you might use Tor: which uses an network of nodes from around the world to forward your requests and your answers t a given destination. You also can choose an exit-node to be in a given country. So basically that node watches the video for you, and forwards you the content immediately. As a side effect, Tor also hides your identity.

Online drawing

There is a BPMN - platform called Camunda, which is shipped with a Tomcat installation. The tool itself is really good and includes an execution engine too. However for this challenge we only need diagrams and collaboration. Well, is an online, lightweight, JavaScript version of Camunda Modeler, and its free to use. The diagrams are downloadable as Vectorgraphic images or as .bpmn file (in an XML notation), so transferring them is easy too.


DD-WRT is a Firmware family which is open source an runs on many routers. All you have to do is to buy a cheap router which is DD-WRT compatible (see a list on their site), flash the router and replace the firmware. You can skip this step if the firmware supports Bridge mode per default.

You have to select bridge mode in your admin panel, give the WiFi credentials, and now your router is on the home WiFi, and so are the devices connected to its LAN-ports