How to watch videos blocked in your country?

The problem is, that you connect to the internet in some country - and want to watch a video or a stream from an other country, but you get a "This video is only available in... " message. But you need to see the content immediately, so travel is not an option. Even if you'd pay for the content, you cannot have immediate access
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VPN or Tor

There are two solutions for this problem. In both cases you have to find a computer in the actual country where the content is not blocked:

VPN services like Hola, which is also embeddable in a browser too, do exactly that: you connect to a server, which then lets you use a network in th preferred region
If there is no (free) VPN service, then you might use Tor: which uses an network of nodes from around the world to forward your requests and your answers t a given destination. You also can choose an exit-node to be in a given country. So basically that node watches the video for you, and forwards you the content immediately. As a side effect, Tor also hides your identity.