Show developper options in an iOS device while running a React Native app for debugging.

Sometimes people want to debug their apps in a device and not only while being run in the simulator that XCode provides. Using this method we are able to log the newtwork activity, and other statistics that you can't get from the simulator and can be useful while debugging and testing.
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Display the developper option in an iOS device while running a React Native app.

The best way to solve this challenge would be follow the following steps:
1. Make sure that you have set the proper location for your Javascript code in your AppDelegate.m file. You can choose between load the cod from the development server that runs in your computer or from a pre-bundled file on disk.

2. Go to the menu Product > Scheme > Manage Schemes, and from there you can set the options you want to enable for every different scheme that your app has (Build, Run, Test, Profile...).

3. Make sure that you set the build configuration to Debug. This will enable the developer menu in the target.

4. If you want to access the developer menu you have to shake your phone and it'll automatically show up in your screen.