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It happens often that on the homescreen there are many images representing the content of the subpages. The images can not be the same as the ones in the subpages, since the homepage would take too long to load, especially for users with poor internet connection. Therefore for every single image, a thumbnail must be created. When wanting to create a thumbnail, the easiest possiblity is to open the image in a graphics editor and change the size manually. Nevertheless, when creating tens or hundred of thumbnails, this is not a solution. Uploading the images to online thumbnail creator is also not possible, since the size of the images is too big.
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Using Easy Thumbnails

Easy Thumbnails is a freeware software tool. The installation and usage are very simple. The user just needs to pick the pictures and set a few simple parameters, such as size, brightness, contrast or resizing algorithm. He can also set a new naming convetion for the newly created files. The tool is very fast and is perfect not only for webdevelopers but for anybody who wants to shrink a higher number of pictures, without having to open them separately or uploading them to third party website.



Thanks for your recommendation.
I also recommend looking into imagemagick. It's a commandline tool which can also be used easily to create thumbnails with one line of code.

mogrify -format gif -path thumbs -thumbnail 100x100 *.jpg

This also can be used in php and scripts
For more see here:

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