Starting Docker on Windows

In order to start Docker on Windows, a Hyper-V as well as the Hyper-V Module for Windows Powershell are required to be installed and enabled. Otherwise you get a error message.
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If Hyper-V was manually uninstalled or virtualization was disabled, Docker for Windows will not start.
A solution is to enable the virtualization on your machine. In order to do that you have to access the BIOS, select the Intel Virtual Technology and enable the virtualization.
Save the changes and restart the computer, then Docker can be started and used for deploying.


It should be noted that after enabling Hyper-V all other VM's like VirtualBox will stop functioning.

Masood Lodin - Thu, 11/30/2017 - 23:56 :::

Also notable, that the Windows 10 Home Edition doesn't support Hyper-V.

Christoph Berger - Sat, 12/09/2017 - 18:48 :::