Extracting the data points from a plot using the MATLAB.

How to extract the data points from a plot using MATLAB? 1. Open the figure 2. In the MATLAB Command Window type the following commands: h = findobj(gca,'Type','line') x=get(h,'Xdata') y=get(h,'Ydata’) Instead of using the "get" function, it is recommendable to use the following: x = h.Xdata; y = h.Ydata; The FINDOBJ function locates graphics objects with specific properties. If there is more than one line on the plot, the GET function will return a cell array. To retrieve the numbers inside of the cell array, indexing has to be used. For example, to retrieve the points in the first line, >> x{1} >> y{1} Or, if the lines have the same number of points, use the CELL2MAT function. Following the example above, to retrieve the numbers inside of cell array 'x' use: X2=cell2mat(x)
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