Problem installing docker on windows 10

I've just tried installing docker on my windows pc, however after the installation, my monitors are not able to work properly anymore. Normally I use 2 monitors that extend each other so I can use both at the same time. After the installtion of docker they started to just duplicate and also had issues with the resolution. When I remove docker and disable hyper-v the problems stop, I do need to use docker however for a current project, so I need to find a workaround to solve these issues. I am using a Lenovo Y50-70 notebook.
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I've experienced a similar issue, which started to accure after I've updated my PC using windows update. I've then found this thread in the intel community forum. As it seems there is a bug in a driver for Intel UHD Graphics 4600, which is used by at least some of the CPUs which are used inside you notebook model according to my research.

For my CPU there have been no newer drivers solving this issue, but as a workaround I've been able to find a older version of the driver without the bug on the Intel support site. Note that you may should disable automatic driver updates as described here to avoid having the same issue again if this proves to be the problem.


Thank you for sharing this information. I personally had many issues with installing Docker in the past, but this was not one I encountered (although my screens are sometimes a bit wild an do things I don't want them to do).
I hope Intel will fix this problem in the future

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