E-Mail Filters

Many people get huge amounts of mail every day. It can be painful to sort, categorize and handle all those mails manually. Furthermore, it costs a lot of valuable time that you could spend elsewhere. However, there is an automatic approach that can save you a lot of this time: E-Mail Filtering <strong>Challenge:</strong> <ul><li>Choose an E-Mail client (either desktop client or web mail)</li> <li><strong>Create the following filters:</strong></li><li>a filter that automatically labels mails from tuwien.ac.at with "TU" or moves them to a folder called "TU"</li><li>a filter that sends unwanted mails (containing words of your choice) to the spam folder</li><li>a filter that marks e-mails containing the words "Knowledge Management" as important (e.g. by flagging or starring)</li></ul>
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Creating Gmail Filters

This solution describes how to create filters in Gmail.

  • Go to www.gmail.com and log in with your account.
  • Click "Settings" in the upper-right corner.
  • Choose "Filters"
  • Scroll to the bottom and select "Create a new filter".
  • Now you can specify the criteria. Only the messages matching these criteria will be affected by your filter. You can also do a test search to see which of your mail matches your specification. (See picture: gmail-filter1.png)
  • In the next step, you can choose what to do with a message that matches your criteria. For example, you can label it with a certain label (e.g. "TU"), forward it to someone, send it to spam, star it or mark it as important. (See picture: gmail-filter2.png)
  • Now click "Create Filter" and you're done. (If you want, you can also apply the filter to the messages that are already in your inbox, by checking the checkbox right beneath the button).