Use Dolphin on Mac OSX

Dolphin 6.1 from BoonEx is a community builder written in PHP and uses a MySQL database to store data. The main concept of Dolphin is to provide features that are used in social networks, such as building groups, share videos… Setting up Dolphin (on Mac OSX) is quite easy with the provided installation scripts (only some additional settings like for example permissions and additional graphical libraries are necessary). But still after a successful installation the system under Mac OSX doesn’t work perfect. The graphical operations are not executed correctly (and also some Ajax requests).
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Use Dolphin on Mac OSX – Solution

I think there does not exist a perfect solution right now. It is possible to get most parts of Dolphin running (including the Ajax requests with some minor modifications), but there do still exist some graphical problems. It seems that the problem is not only caused by Dolphin but also by the used gd-library. Actually I was only able to try it with Mac OS 10.4 and I am not sure if the newer versions (10.5) are providing better support for this functionality.