Twitter your project status with Maven.

Create a simple hello world Java Maven Project (this is already available as an maven-archetype) and configure it in a way so that every time you make a installation (via the cli command: mvn clean install) a new status update with the message "New Project Built Available" shows up on your twitter account.
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Use the maven twitter plugin

In order to be able solve this challenge you have to have at least basic knowledge about Maven [1].
First you have to create the hello world project like it is described in the challenge description. You can do this automatically by using the maven-archetype-quickstart in the eclipse menu. Since this is a very basic task I will skip how to do this.

When you have the project created you can then use the maven twitter plugin [2]. All you have do is to follow the set-up instructions on their project website. The configuration consists of only two easy steps. First you have to add your twitter credentials to your settings.xml. Afterwards you can configure the plugin execution inside the projects pom file. Pay attention to enter the right life cycle phase at
and the right twitter status message:
New Project Built Available

This few steps should do the trick.