Setting up a Linux Server to use LDAP for Samba, SSH

The main issue is that Samba and SSH do not use LDAP directly, instead you have to use the technologies NSS and PAM which will then access the LDAP system. So in order to set up two systems, about 5 systems have to be set up, which seems difficult and I was not able to find proper documentation about the whole process yet.
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Use PAM and NSS for LDAP authentication on linux machines

LDAP authentication on console-level can be achieved by using PAM and NSS. On Debian they are really easy to configure using the following commands:

apt-get install libpam-ldap libnss-ldap # will install the required tools
dpkg-reconfigure libpam-ldap # configures ldap access for PAM
dpkg-reconfigure libnss-ldap # configures ldap access for NSS