Use of email tools like Gmail

In order to solve this problem we can use email tools like Gmail, that bring a lot of possibilities for checking our emails. We can integrate different email accounts in the same app, being able to both receive and send emails from this account, Also, we can add filters and tags to our emails, in order to classify our emails and find them more easily.

Sync contacts between Google Apps for Business and OS X.

Google Apps for Business uses the CardDAV protocol to allow multiple devices to access the same data and update that data set.
In order to synchronize the content stored in your gmail account, with the content stored in your on your Mac, you will need to add the account in System Preferences> Internet Accounts> Click the plus sign in the lower left corner of the windows. Disregard the Google icon and select 'Add Other Account'. Select 'Add a CardDAV Account'.
Enter your full address, enter either your one time password you created specifically for this purpose on Google's website, or if two-factor authentication is disable, your regular password. Server address is Click create.

Warning: Prior to doing this it is suggested that you export a backup of your entire address book.


Cannot sync google contacts with OS X

In order to have the same address book data on your android or iPhone and on your desktop you must have a syncing mechanism configured. There are several ways to do this, but the recommended method is using Gmail's CardDAV service.

Sharing the gmail calendar

It is possible to share your own calendar with several people. And it is also possible to import the calendars of several people. So by sharing a calendar you choose a calendar, a specific user and the permissions that this user shall have. After that, the chosen user gets an email with a link he hast to click on and that's it. From then on, he sees all the entries of yours, he has the permission to see.
The steps are:

  • go to your gmail calendar in your browser
  • under the section "My calendars" choose the calendar you want to share
  • click on the arrow on the right side
  • select "share this calendar"
  • under "share with specific people" you can choose a user you want to share your calender with
  • under "permission settings" you can choose, if the user can only read entries or if he can also write some
  • finally you have to enter the email adress of the user, click "add user" and click "save"

Sharing a gmail calendar with a specific other gmail user

All the members of your team are using gmail in general and also the gmail calendar to organise all the meetings and events. Is there a possibility to have a "business-calendar" everybody has access to and can read/write events?

Solution: Import events from iCalendar or CSV into gmail

Decide which appointments you want to use and export them from an other calendar client or a website.
Then you have to click on the down-arrow button of the calendar list.
Afterwards, you browse and choose the iCalendar or CSV file.
Finally, select the google calendar where you want to import them and click on import.



Import events from iCalendar or CSV into gmail

How could I insert an iCalendar or CSV file into a gmail calendar? For example when I export such a file from the schedule of lectures.

Forwarding TU email to Gmail (or any other email account)

For students TU-Wien (will be abbreviated as TU from now), checking TU-email is also one of the main activity as a student. Many of the information regarding the university in general, and lectures are broadcast using this email.
For students that also have another email account (in Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo) then it will be so complicated to check (always) many email account.

One could forward the email from TU-email to his/her favorite email account by visit this web-interface:
1. Login using TU credentials.
2. Choose Forward Mail, or
3. Choose New Rule, and define which kind of email that you want to be filtered, and then specify the action (for example: forward to ...)

Creating Gmail Filters

This solution describes how to create filters in Gmail.

  • Go to and log in with your account.
  • Click "Settings" in the upper-right corner.
  • Choose "Filters"
  • Scroll to the bottom and select "Create a new filter".
  • Now you can specify the criteria. Only the messages matching these criteria will be affected by your filter. You can also do a test search to see which of your mail matches your specification. (See picture: gmail-filter1.png)
  • In the next step, you can choose what to do with a message that matches your criteria. For example, you can label it with a certain label (e.g. "TU"), forward it to someone, send it to spam, star it or mark it as important. (See picture: gmail-filter2.png)
  • Now click "Create Filter" and you're done. (If you want, you can also apply the filter to the messages that are already in your inbox, by checking the checkbox right beneath the button).

E-Mail Filters

Many people get huge amounts of mail every day. It can be painful to sort, categorize and handle all those mails manually. Furthermore, it costs a lot of valuable time that you could spend elsewhere. However, there is an automatic approach that can save you a lot of this time: E-Mail Filtering <strong>Challenge:</strong> <ul><li>Choose an E-Mail client (either desktop client or web mail)</li> <li><strong>Create the following filters:</strong></li><li>a filter that automatically labels mails from with "TU" or moves them to a folder called "TU"</li><li>a filter that sends unwanted mails (containing words of your choice) to the spam folder</li><li>a filter that marks e-mails containing the words "Knowledge Management" as important (e.g. by flagging or starring)</li></ul>


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