Internet privacy

Using Browser Configuration
The process to solve this from happening again had two steps.
1. Clear Browser data. Using Google Chrome (my case), in the “Clear Browser Data”, there are plenty of options: password settings, browser history and cookies controlling the ads, which we want to delete.
2. Block Cookies using the browser settings configuration.
These steps solve the problem in a short-term basis, however many pages do not allow navigation unless cookies are activated. Nevertheless, even if the general settings block cookies, they can be activated individually in those websites which require it.

Using VPNs
Although it is not a free (economically speaking) solution, VPNs will allow to tunnel the traffic through an encrypted connection and make the content available on the other side.
The main disadvantage of VPNs is they do not have a user interface. They need to be hardcoded into the operating system, and implementaation can sometimes be difficult for users.



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