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Installing TrueCrypt on mac

Working on an assignment for a Digital Forensics course, I had to open some TrueCrypt container. In order to do so, I downloaded TrueCrypt zip and extracted it. The version I downloaded was 7.2. I then proceeded to install it, but I got an error saying: “TrueCrypt requires MAC OS X 10.4 or later”. Just to be sure, I checked my MAC OS version - it was 10.14.0. Apparently, the logic condition that tests the OS version was not correct and I found myself unable to install TrueCrypt. I found two solutions for that problem: the first one was to change the code inside install script of TrueCrypt, that tests OS version and the second one was to change OS config files. I decided to do the first one, because I did not plan to use TrueCrypt after I open the container. (Using TrueCrypt is not secure because it may contain unfixed security issues. Development of the TrueCrypt ended in 2014.) These were the steps that I took to solve the problem: 1. I copied the mpkg file from the downloaded zip on my Desktop. 2. Right click on the mpkg file —> Show Package Contents. 3. Open the distribution.dist file with a text editor. 4. Find function pm_install_check() and replace the whole code inside it with “return true;” 5. Save the file. After all that was done, I was able to install TrueCrypt.
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