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Share LAV Internet between laptop and smartphone

I am living in the dorm and there are no WiFi routers provided by the dorm stuff, we have only a wire access point. In order to have Internet access, you need to plug the wire into your computer or you need to buy a router by yourself. Unfortunately, at the time I don't have mobile internet (or it is not enough), but I need to connect my phone to the internet. However, I cannot/don't want to buy my own router. Is it somehow possible to share internet access between my laptop and smartphone, perhaps with a wire?

public WIFI with no internet access

There was a public WIFI with no password protection. Everone could connect to the WIFI, but there was no internet access, even tough they promoted it at the entrance of the restaurant. No employee was able to support, so I decided to connect to the router and try the standard login credentials. Usually they are user:admin pw:admin or blank password. This worked and I was able to restart the router. After the restart, the router could connect to the internet and everyone could access the web again.

Connected to the WiFi but PC won't access any page

If it didn't happen today a couple of times, maybe I would hardly come up with the third problem related to the internet, so here it is: As today everybody is at home - typical Sunday, then I counted ca. 10 devices connected to the WiFi, which I thought was the most probable source of my problem when trying to identify one. Even though I was connected to the internet the whole time, I still couldn't access websites the most of the time. Nevertheless, Skype for Business was constantly working - which made the things even more confusing.
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