OS-level virtualization

Preparing the first time use of Docker (using Windows OS)

This problem occurred when using Docker for the first time. Before a docker-compose.yml is created and the command docker-compose up can be used to actually run the containers/commands indicated in the file, some configuration has to be done when using Windows OS. In this case, a Docker volume was used. So, the link to the volume had to be set in the sample form: C:\Users\Cordula\Docker\dockerVolume:/var/container_home. The volume location has to be added to the docker-compose.yml. Then adapt in Settings > Advanced the settings for CPUs, Memory, Swap and Disk Image Size because Docker containers might otherwise be stopped automatically due to excessively high load. The resource usage of docker containers can be checked by the command docker stats at any time. In Settings > Shared Drives the drive, on which Docker will be run, should be selected. When using it for the first time, there might occur access problems due to internet security/anti-virus programmes – so for the time of set-up these are recommended to be interrupted for a short time.
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