I googled and searched for a long time. Many of the available programs, mostly the free ones, only have minimal functionality like colour coding and deadlines. I found out that my requirements for this program were more than many enterprise project management platforms for under a hundred euro per month offered, so apparently my life is that complicated.
Then I found Trello. It also did not have many of the functionalities I wanted, but many can be achieved by small workarounds. I can put the link of one task in a checklist of another tasks and thus make some kind of connection between them, I can set deadlines and these are listed in a calendar Plug-In by according to their deadline. The tasks can be labelled, but because there are only so many labels one can define, I had to divide the different areas of my life into different boards. But this provides with a little distance between the individual areas. With the notification function, Trello helps me to complete all of my tasks in time. (No, I am not being paid for advertisement).

Managing my ToDos

I like being organized, and I need to have a good overview of all my current todos. Sadly, I could not find any good program that would meet my expectations. What I want is a program that I can model todos out of different areas of my live with. The program should have the ability to attach text, images, checklists, and other kind of additional information to each task, create subtasks and model dependencies between tasks, i.e. task n can only be done when task n-1 is done, or as soon as task x is completed, remind me to do task x+1. The tasks should have deadlines and the program should provide an overview of all the tasks that need to be completed within the next few days. Ideally, the program would be free of charge or at least affordable.
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