Hi, I had this problem already a few times, a good source for IntelliJ is: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/edit-project-history.html#reword-commit
Even after pushing the commit, it is possible to change the message.
If you have not pushed yet this is a solution (for IntelliJ):

• Right-click the commit whose message you want to edit in the Log tab of the Git tool window Alt+9 and select Edit Commit Message from the context menu, or press F2.

• In the dialog that opens, enter a new commit message and click OK

You can also use the "git commit --amend" command.

I hope this helps!

How to edit a commit message on GitHub?

I made a mistake while writing the commit message. Is there a way to change the message? The commit has not been pushed yet.

After research I found out, that GitHub has updated their authentication policy, where it is no longer possible to use basic authentication. After research and talking to colleges, who participate in the same courses, I found that GitHub provides a service called Authentication Tokens. With using these authentication tokens, I was able to authenticate with the GitHub server in the Eclipse IDE, where I used the authentication token and inserted it into the password field. With that, I could use the git tools provided in the Eclipse IDE and interact with the remote repository. As the Git support in the Eclipse IDE, I searched for another solution. There I found that GitHub provides a Windows application called GitHub desktop, which automatically connects to GitHub when provided with the correct credentials. With that, I was able to fully interact with the remote repository, but I still had no command line options to execute git commands on. At last, I found the solution to my problem. The problem was, that the git client does not automatically check for updates. Therefore, I had an old git client, which was not able to communicate using the updated GitHub authentication. To finally fix this problem and being able to communicate with GitHub again, I needed to execute the command git update-git-for-windows. With that command, I was able to update my Git client and was now able to authenticate with the GitHub server using the new OAuth authentication method.

Connecting Local Git Repository to GitHub does not work

I two courses I take this semester the code for the exercise part of these lectures is hosted in a GitHub repository. As I am required to work with the code, I need to interact with the remote Git server. When I try to pull by using git pull in command line as well as in the Eclipse IDE, a pop-up opens where I need to authenticate myself by providing username and password.
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