It totally depends on which kind of application you are building. The first question is: is this a big data application? Are you taking log files that will be streaming in at a high rate? Then you will want to use NoSQL.

Next question is, do you need data integrity (ACID)? For example a banking transaction, then use SQL since it’s easier to write to (etc. you want to do a transaction and also store a log about it in the db, then you want this to happen together, not one without another.

Next, low latency? Are you building a Video game? etc real-time scores, then NoSQL is what you want (easier to write to). Then, need a flexible schema? etc customer management? then NoSQL is also what you want since it allows us to scale up & change/iterate as your business grows.

SQL is when you have structured data & you want to keep that data in a structured way.

You can also use a mix of both! No one is better than the other, it depends on the use/application!


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