In Apache Wicket, so-called models are used to link the data and the representation in the graphical user interface. If models aren't used, one will never see the new value as during construction a fixed value is used. The GUI element will not look for a new value during a second rendering.

The situation can be corrected by passing a model to the used GUI element (e.g. ba passing the model to the GUI element's constructor).


Use cyberghost VPN for downloading/updating

To solve this problem I tried several things. The first thing was to check the settings of the modem but there was no option for port forwarding or disabling proxy settings. So I checked the steam forums for ‘steam update T-Mobile’, ‘steam T-Mobile’ etc. and found several threads describing a similar problem / exact problem.
On the first attempt I reinstalled steam but the client still said ‘no connection to the update server’.
On the second attempt I changed the client download location to different location (US, China etc.) but still ‘no connection to the update server’.
After working through all posts in the different threads I found the essential posts:
‘You have to change the modem setting to no proxy’
‘The no proxy setting is not possible on the Huawei B593 - so I just downloaded cyberghostvpn and use it just for updating/downloading games. Disable the vpn if you play the games’.
This post saved the day and since then my friend can update his games again.


Install Custom ROMs on Android devices

If you don't want to buy a new smartphone, your best solution is to install an unofficial Android firmware on it.

Android is open-source, so it’s possible for Android users to take its source code and roll their own operating systems – known as a custom ROM – for their smartphones. CyanogenMod is the most popular community-developed ROM for Android. Don’t worry you can choose any other update as long as you are ensuring that the system is stable and without bugs or things that aren’t working properly.

To upgrade, users usually have to back up the original operating system and then "root" the phone, or disable the security settings that protect its OS from being modified. Keep in mind that installing the system incorrectly could render the phone inoperable, and that running an unofficially supported OS could void the phone manufacturer's warranty.

1. Install at your own risk
2. Choose your custom ROM
3. Root your phone
4. Back up your current firmware and phone
5. Prepare Google’s default android apps for installation
6. Install the custom android firmware
7. Enjoy your new android phone!

Each phone can have its own unique steps for doing this, so you should follow instructions for your specific model. You'll find them on the Custom ROM webpage or some Android forum.


Up-to-date Windows Installation Media

Microsoft only provides Windows 7 installation media with service pack 1 applied. After every new installation, you have to apply over 150 updates. This is very time consuming. Is there a way to integrate updates packages in the Windows installation disk?

How to get notified for each incoming e-mail

Sometimes we would like to be always updated by the incoming e-mail in our inbox. But then the problem is that sometimes, or more likely we have more than one e-mail account. It is so annoying to check for (and provide) each tab/window for these e-mail accounts.

Checking websites for updates

Lots of websites get updated on an irregular basis. Some may get updated every week, others get updated every hour; some may not get updated for month and users are bored looking up the website regulary and they do not find any new content. In addition, checking websites manually is not very efficient and costs a lot of time. The solution for this problem should provide an easy way to check websites and stay updated. It would be helpful if the tool is able to highlight changes. In addition, the tool should be able to exclude several areas of a website from checking, for example the current time or the "who's online" section of the website. These changes might not be interesting for the user. The tool should of course work on HTML files; it also would be good if changes in images can be detected using a tool. The Solution should also cover non-HTML content, especially flash. Flash is used a lot in the www and this technology should not be left out. However, a solution for HTML at least would work for most websites. CSS changes do not need to be included as CSS should not contain any content but just formatting information.
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