Study organisation - Solution proposal

My first try was to use simply a browser, paper and pencil. Since the curriculum changed I had to rewrite it heavily. So I chose to use another way of implementing it.

Since I expected other curriculum changes (which have happened) i decided to use a computer programm, because one thing computer documents can to better than paper documents: change. So I setted a new excel document up, which contained all the current curriculum information along with my wishes of which courses I actually wanted to attend. After finishing courses, I added the data, which course finished, what grade did I get, and Excel sums everything up for me and shows my curriculum progress in nice colors.


Study organisation

Especially if you are affected by a curriculum change, it could be hard to find out which courses you should attend. There can be multiple constraints: - already "used" courses for a bachelor study - courses being available in multiple catalogs. Since not every "change in practice" of a curriculum results also in an update of the curriculum document (changes of course names, courses never held etc.), someone also has to check for updates on other places (e.g. regularly. So first you will have to find a legal compilation of courses. Tthen, when you finished the courses, you may want to find a combination resulting in ideal average grades. Although there is a system for study organisation installed at the TU Vienna (TUWIS++) it doesn't support the filing of a curriculum isn't supported at all. Even if it would there would remain the fact, that someone can't trust the curriculum data in TUWIS++ because of missing (or even conflicting?) data. So my question: What would be a handy and convenient way to organize a study and support someone filing the study at the end?
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