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Use a capture dongle and software to capture audivisual content

There is a variety of capture cards available, ranging from 20Euro to 2.000 Euro. You have to make a possibly hard choice, according to your requirements on capture: accepted resolution range, accepted frequency range, (hw/sw)compression, scaler functionality, reliability.

These cards operate together with some software specifically designed to capture the content (video/audio). Aside from commercial solutions (like AdobeFlashMediaLiveEncoder), there are non-comercial solutions, which require some manual hands-on to make them work according to wishes.

Here is an examplary setup of such a solution:

  • Capture hardware: Epiphan VGA2USB LR; Laptop to connect Audio input and USB capture card
  • Capture software: Matterhorn Capture Agent (is also able to record according to schedules)
  • Distribution software: Matterhorn Server (will automatically process and distribute the content)
  • Though it might take some time to get the whole system running it might also show worth while. And, since this is a requirement, the presenter system is not modified.


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