Use video player like VLC

Fortunately, nowadays really good video players exist. With "very good" I mean video players that are capable to play nearly every format of video. One example is VLC program.



Embed the URL inside <nowiki> tags, additionally <code> tags might be added to format the URL in monospaced font.
If adding the <code> tags be sure to add them outside the <nowiki> tags.
e.g.: <code><nowiki>http://some/url</nowiki></code>.


Write a non-clickable URL in Wiki-Markup.

A URL is needed in a documentation which is written in Wiki-Markup language. The URL is used as a unique identifier and no resource is available at the pointed address. Therefore it should not be clickable.

Date format in IBM DB2 Databases ?

Sometimes there is a need for a DATE-format for a field in IBM DB2 Databases... well Its not that easy like when using Oracle DBs, so what will we have to do to archieve a usable dateformat ? Well isnĀ“t there an easy prepared function we could use ? NO. so what ?
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