Im still missing the part where you actually show that the web frontend is better than the standard pdf



Display pdf document in an more pleasant way

I had an pdf with about 1000 Sites consisting only of tables. To navigate and find something in this Document wasn’t that easy. This leads me to develop a web application that should represent the data in a more pleasant way. First I had to analyze the PDF Document, there are several different pdf versions and standards, the second thing that have to be checks is the structure of the document. For example the document could consists of only pictures, which would make the task harder, since there is no text. In my case the pdf structure was straight forward and consists of text boxes. The parser was based on the the PDFClown library which is written in c#. After the parsers was written and able to parse the document, the data was stored in an SQL database. For the basis of the web frontend Umbraco was used. It’s a cms that is based on asp.net.

How to convert an image into a PDF?

How do I convert an image into a PDF?

create pdf out of rails

a small internal web app used at a company for event administration. event data is input in to a database via a web form, out of this a html form for event registration for users already registered in the companies contact database. Also needed is a simple way to generate a pdf invitation out of the rails model data, without needing to create an extra document in a word processor or similiar...
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