First of all check for a corrupt .htaccess file on your FTP server. Rename the existing one and try to visit your site. If nothing changed the .htaccess is not the reason for the error. In my case the solution was to rename the folder "plugins" in the folder wp-content. Then try to access the website again if you see the text of your website of course without any graphical elements the reason for the error is a corrupted plugin. Now create a new folder "plugins" in the folder wp-content and move one plugin from the old plugins folder to the new created folder. After every movement try to reload the website if it is possible to see the content it wasn't the corrupted plugin. In my case an internal plugin of wordpress "wp_smtp_mail" was the reason for the error. Hope my solution helps! Good luck!

Lack of i18n in Wordpress core

Lack of i18n in Wordpress core Every time, when I am making new page/site, the internationalization takes a huge part of my work. Especially, in Wordpress multisite surrounding. I had to use different kinds of plugins , and to use unknown code from unknown authors is not good idea. So every time, I need to invest time to go over those plugins to look if there are vulnerability and if it they are compatible with my version of WordPress. WordPress release every 3 months new version. So far I had to do it manually. One of more popular plugin for internationalization, is not anymore under active support, and some major bugs have came up. It takes attention of developers, instead working on actual project, they need to find time to deal with those issue. Each of those plugins have its own structure, which means the author of them can make how they want without any restrictions, which may cause a lot of conflicts and trouble for other that wants to use if since they are open source. Internationalisation is not anymore "nice to have" it is "MUST to have".

How to Debug time critical code without stopping it

Software is oftenly time dependent. For instance if it interacts with another component on a remote server, the interaction might be time critical, which means that it shall not be stopped or interrupted as it otherwise might change the behavior of its system. The problem is, that even such software is prone to errors, but in case its runtime is stopped in order to debug the error it might change its behavior which might make it difficult to find out the problem behind the error.

using typo3 4.x plugins in flow3

flow3, the new php based application framework of the typo3 team, was just released in version 1.0. is there any way to use the currently existing typo3 plugins built for the typo versions 4.x in an application based on flow or at least to port them in a way that they can be used within the new framework?

Put online indicator in our web page

Sometimes as an administrator or service center of a web site we would like to show whether we are online or not so that the customers know that they could contact us directly (if we are online). Or simply as an individual we would like to allow our visitor to see us whether we are online and able to receive any instant message.

How to create profile in Firefox

I'm developing plugin for Firefox and since I don't want to mess up all my old stuff I would like to create new profile where I can try it and debug. Is it possible? tia
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