Get CompetenceCockpit working in Safari

Log in to TechScreen using the Safari web-browser. Then go to Competence Cockpit, there you see the section "Manage Competences". On the first run voting for competences is possible. However when trying to vote for a second competence the drop-down lists for selecting which competence to vote on is not visible anymore. Using Firefox on Mac OS X works.

Use doodle for online polling

There is the webpage, which is built for online polling. You can use it for setting up an appointment between several people, but also to choose between different things e.g. movies, restaurants etc.It is easy to use, with options to get notifications when people set their choice.


How to create an online poll

<p>Many voting systems are not easy to use and need alot of time to get them work,polls are necessary to get real information about a specific subject from the targeted people..This is an easy free mothed to create, manage and share polls using Google Docs</p>

Online Fan-Voting

<p>An online fan-voting process is going to be implemented, where only the email-address of the voter and the object-voted-for (person, band, subject,...) is given. It should not be possible for voters to vote more than one time. The system is implemented in PHP on a shared hosting service. Access to MySQL database and email sending component is possible.</p><p>To find a basic concept (workflow), how multiple votings by a single user can be prevented in this restricted environment, is the goal of this challenge.</p>


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