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Loosing data on Google docs..

There is one backup service that can back up these and other kinds of information. Backupify can back up Google Docs and calendars, the address book (contacts) in your Gmail account, your Twitter tweets, Facebook postings, Blogger blogs, and other information. Backing up a few accounts is free, and reasonably priced for more.

Equations in Google Docs

To insert a new equation in a Google Docs file, like e.g. the one in Attachment 4 click Insert -> Equation

You will now be able to see the tool bar with a button "New equation", as shown in the first attachment.

Click this button and you are able to type your equation. Once you need something like subscripted letter it gets a little more tricky. Now you have to choose the type of variable you need from the drop down "Math operations" as shown in attachment 2, but it won't just insert this variable you actually have to type the letter you want in normal size first, then use the right arrow key to let the cursor know that you would now like to type a subscripted letter and then use the arrow key again to be able to type normally again. Attachment 3 shows a rightly placed cursor.

The same applies, e.g. for divisions

How to create common documents collaboratively with Google Docs

With Google docs, various common documents (Text documents very similar to MS Word, Tables very similar to MS Excel, Presentations very similar to MS Powerpoint, paintings, formulas and more) can be created and edited in the best collaborative manner:

- One can always see the cursors of all the other people editing the document at the same time, so you can always see on what part your team members are working on
- The document is automatically saved after every single change
- A chat function is included
- Existing documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) can be imported
- Documents can be downloaded in plenty of formats and so e.g. edited offline. For example, a text document can be downloaded as ODT, PDF, RTF, Text, Word or HTML.
- One can also work offline, as soon as the computer is online again, the document is being updated and saved.

Create an online poll


  • Click New>Spreadsheet in Google Docs.
  • Click the “share” tab, and then title your poll.
  • Select “invite” to invite people to fill out the form.
  • Create the form with your possible answers.
  • Put in however many choices you want people to have.
  • Add Help text if you want.
  • Question Type: You can choose from text, paragraph text, multiple choice
  • I populated with numbers, so I could get the Spreadsheet application to interpret the data.
  • Choose recipients… either by adding your contact list… or giving out the URL to others.
  • Set up a formula to interpret and see your data.
  • In the next available column, type: =countif(B2:B500, 1) (this is just an example… use the proper rows and columns from your particular sheet).
  • Continue to make formulas for each of your answer possibility. For my second one, the formula was: =countif(B2:B500, 2)
  • I then wanted to create a chart to show my data. I entered another formula (C2:C4) and clicked the Chart button.
  • Choose the type of chart, and what cells you want the chart to graph for you.
  • Title your Chart, and choose your axis points.
  • If you want, you can format the number cells to hide them. I just made the font white, so it didn’t show.
  • Now I’m ready to publish my chart with the poll results. You can even choose to automatically re-publish and update every five minutes… and then share the link via RSS feed, or URL.



How to create an online poll

<p>Many voting systems are not easy to use and need alot of time to get them work,polls are necessary to get real information about a specific subject from the targeted people..This is an easy free mothed to create, manage and share polls using Google Docs</p>
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