There are actually two ways of handling this issue. The first one is for less tech savvy users, and it goes through opening the System Preferences/ Security and finding there a button saying: Open this app anyway. Afterwards you are prompted to enter your administrator password and that is it.
The second way is over Terminal, by typing in the following command: sudo spctl --master-disable and subsequently entering your administrator password again.

Modifying hosts.txt file

In order to be able to access via remote desktop my new client's UI2 SAP Launchpad I needed to modify my internal hosts file in order to map the right hostnames to corresponding IP addresses and therefore gain access. Being a company laptop with countless restrictions, I do not have the administrator rights over my own computer and was directed to start the incident over at IT support desk. That means at least a couple of hours of waiting for them to accept my incident and offer solution. This was not acceptable since I needed access asap. I tried changing the file in a plain text editor and similar simple editors, but was always left with a .txt which made the entire file not functional.

Joomla Log-In not possible because of wrong timeout

In the administrator backend of a Joomla-Installation I've changed the timout for the administrator for a session to a very high value so that there is no danger to exceed that time whenever the administrator is logged in. After logging of and trying to log in the next time I wasn't able to do so because of timeout and I needed to log in to change it back or to a lower value than I did the last time.
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