Windows 7

Setting the number of processor cores in Windows 7

Prerequisite: Windows 7 Administrator rights

The following steps are required to change the number of cores a program can access:

- First press Strg Alt Entf to open the Task Manager

- Then select the Process Tab

- Right Click the corresponding process of the Program(ie. Firefox firefox.exe)

- Choose Processor Affinity and choose the cores

Up-to-date Windows Installation Media

Microsoft only provides Windows 7 installation media with service pack 1 applied. After every new installation, you have to apply over 150 updates. This is very time consuming. Is there a way to integrate updates packages in the Windows installation disk?

How to install Windows 7 ISO from bootable USB stick

Often it is not possible to install the OS (Windows 7) from DVD. Sometimes devices dont have a dvd drive or you have only the ISO dowloaded from the Microsoft Download store. With USB installation you can save time but you need a USB stick with at least 4 <ul> <li> you need at least a 4GB USB STICK</li> <li> a original Windows 7 DVD or an ISO image, with another tool you can also create an ISO image</li> <li>you pc or notebook must support booting from an USB device, you can check and change this settings in the BIOS otherwise you have to look into the namual</li> </ul>

Using "make" in Win7

In the lecture called "Digital Forensics" we had to use a tool called truecrack to crack a Truecrypt container. The problem was that there is no executable file avaiable to install this program, you have to compile it by your own. But in Windows it is not possible to execute such Makefiles without installing additional programs.

Create an "own package" for the 64 bit Operating Systems

It seems that the actual versions of xampp are for 32bit-versions of Windows operating systems. But after some search in the internet I found the good hint that all the parts of the xampp package are also alone available and I just needed the webserver (apache), php and mysql and all three are available in a 64 bit version.
I've downloaded that three that are normally part of the package, installed them make some changes in the configuration (I found a tutorial on the internet for this) and it worked.

Using xampp with Windows 7 64 Bit

Xampp that I normally use for creating PHP-sites didn't worked at this computer with a 64 bit Windows 7. The Problem is that I needed it to make some changes in the source of a php-site and this with that new computer. First I had to install xampp which I did, but it didn't worked.
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