Installing Protégé on MacOs leopard

When I tried to install the Protégé editor on my MacOS leopard system from the following link, I was able to download it, but I couldn't open the install-file. http://protege.stanford.edu/download/protege/3.4/installanywhere/

How to visualize an ontology

Finding a tool to visualize an ontology's structure is what this challenge is all about. It should be as simple and intuitive as possible, and, if possible, free of charge. It should be able to handle at least one of the standard ontology standards (e.g. OWL).

Protégé Server

<p>To enable an access for a community to develop an ontology a server based solution is required. WebProt&eacute;g&eacute; offers such a solution but must be installed on an application server.</p>

How to store ontologies in a relational database?

The Semantic Web brings closer to realization the possibility of semantically organized data repositories, or ontologies, throughout the Internet that can be used for intelligent information searching both by humans and computational agents. Ontologies are important to application integration solutions. However, while today there is an un-precedented wealth of information available on the Web, to fully realize the power of ontologies and to enable efficient and flexible information gathering, persistent storage of ontologies and its subsequent retrieval is of paramount importance. Therefore, storing ontologies in a relational database is one way to get around this problem.

Which semantic web technology tools are preferred/best for ontology development and reasoning?

How do we choose ontology editors and reasoners to develop ontologies for the semantic web? To date, there are a certain number of ontology editors and reasoners available but which ones to use is still a question to be addressed. Choosing the best from the available tools facilitates work and also enhances efficiency.
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