linkstorage within an editor

first i have to say, my solution works only for me, because it is only implemented in an prototyp editor i used for my praktikum. but maybe other people can use the idea on a bigger scale.
in my editor, i created the opportunity to make links, which are not anchored in the text. they are stored in an extra window, when you click on one of them, the positons in the text where the link is used are highlighted. you can also add a description for the link.
so now when i am writing, i see my stored links in the editor and if i need one, i can simpy track and drop them in my text feld.


how to store links for later use during writing a document

when i write a paper, during the research i often have the problem, that i find a link, which looks interesting and i am sure, i will use it in my paper. but were to store it, in some structured way? preferable within the used editor.


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