Automated tagging of newly created content on a Drupal platform

When you ask several people which tags they would use for a given text you might get several different opinions and also several very similar keywords. To avoid that and to ensure the sensible and consistent tagging of content an automated solution could be helpful. In addition it would also provide tags in the case that a user doesn't want to specify them.

Automatic upload - Eclipse - FTP server

Eclipse is an IDE for implementation of applications in different programming languages. During the programing of an PHP web application it must be first deployed to the server in order to run it. It is possible to configure Eclipse to run a PHP program on local server, but sometimes it is necessary to implement the program locally and run it on a remote web server (because of the tweaking of the application or other reasons). We want to make the process of uploading of the PHP files to the appropriate folder on the remote FTP server automatic. The particular file should be uploaded after each save on the local disk.

How to get notified for each incoming e-mail

Sometimes we would like to be always updated by the incoming e-mail in our inbox. But then the problem is that sometimes, or more likely we have more than one e-mail account. It is so annoying to check for (and provide) each tab/window for these e-mail accounts.
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