Content is saved after error message during creating TechScreen content

After creating a content or solution in TechScreen you'll get these error message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /Library/WebServer/TechScreen/modules/rdf/vendor/arc/ARC2_Class.php on line 78

Unexpected HTTP status of:
- warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /Library/WebServer/TechScreen/modules/contrib/calc_competences/calc_competences.module on line 3064.
- OpenCalais textmining engine was not available during profiling, please try again in some minutes.

But your created content will be saved at the TechScreen server and you can fing it afterwards in the My Content section...

Ratings and Comments in TechScreen

In order the Ratings are shown above the comments in TechScreen, it is important to rate the article first and after write the comment.

Commenting in TechScreen

YOu have to submit the ranking before you comment. Then just ignore the error message, your comment was successfully saved


Conversion of TechScreen from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7

A new Drupal 7 installation, module installation and database conversion

Creation of an ”organization“ content node

Allow mixed content in Firefox

TechScreen uses the Google API for advanced visual effects and functions. API is loaded from http site and TechScreen from https secured connection (SSL secured data exchange with the server), this results in an mixed content block (since FF23). Firefox does not show any warnings, it just blocks the content.


Mixed content warning

TechScreen throuhs mixed content warnings in Internet Explorer, for the Manage competences, voting and some other nice features. I have to allow mixed content after every site refresh, how can I allow this setting persistent?

TechScreen - Parse error

It's now for the third time I am browsing the content on TechScreen, and get the following error message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in /Library/WebServer/TechScreen/modules/u2/competences/competences.module on line 783 Can somebody help me please? What does this error message mean? How to avoid it ?

Searching tagged content in TechScreen

I have tagged content in TechScreen (solutions, challenges), and after some time now want to get an overview. It should be possible in a simple way to browse content in Techscreen by - getting a list of all tags, or my own tags - selecting one of this tags and get a list of the content having a certain tag Currently I see only the possibility to select a tag from the tag cloud (which is very large).

Get CompetenceCockpit working in Safari

Log in to TechScreen using the Safari web-browser. Then go to Competence Cockpit, there you see the section "Manage Competences". On the first run voting for competences is possible. However when trying to vote for a second competence the drop-down lists for selecting which competence to vote on is not visible anymore. Using Firefox on Mac OS X works.


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