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There are common sites, usually the ones used to watch streamings, that have a lot of pop up adds, so when you try to, for example, wathc a tv serie, appear lots of pop up's. And there are many of them a little bit disgusting.

use browser functionality

Users who are using Microsoft Internet Explorer can use the native popup blocker in the browser. By default this option should be enabled if you wish to change the settings of how this feature works or want to verify if it is enabled or not you can follow the below steps.

Open Internet Explorer
-) Open Options
-) Click the Privacy tab

At the bottom of the Privacy tab you should have a Pop-up Blocker section. If you wish pop-ups to be blocked check the "Block pop-ups" option. You can also set additional settings such as disabling the sound when a pop-up is blocked or disable the information bar displayed when a pop-up is blocked by clicking the Settings button.

If you're running Mozilla Firefox you can adjust or change how Firefox handles pop-up by setting the value for
"privacy.popups.disable_from_plugins" to "2". Finally, I suggest you locate the "privacy.popups.firstTime" option also in the about:config screen and change the value of this setting to "false".

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