Deploying a Haskell web application to the Cloud

We want to expose our logic that is programmed in the functional programming Haskell as a web service and need to deploy it as a public web service. For this we want to use a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) vendor, i.e., 'Cloud hoster', in order to publish this web service with minimal configuration.

What is cloud Compuing

suppose you work in a company with over than tens or Hundreds of servers, you need to have access to servers anytime and anywhere, Decreasing IT Support Costs, managing all servers in a short time and Critical Situations, Getting Better Performance and More Features, and …, what can you do ?

Deploying a Ruby on Rails application to the heroku cloud

Once a developer has deployed a Ruby on Rails application to the version control git he might want to know how to use this application in production. One solution is to use a cloud service provider like heroku and to deploy the application there.
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