iPhone - Extract Address Book Contacts, Save SMS and iMessages

If you have lost your phone or if its damaged and you need your contacts from iPhone Backup, it is possible to read the needed information. But you need also the information if you have encrypted your backupfile. Some applications dont support encrypted iPhone Backupfiles. In this goal we want to extract only contacts. Therefore we install a programm so called "iPhone Backup Viewer".

How to find a partial String in another String with JavaScript

I've got a string lets say its "/s200/" which is part of a URL, and this part is responsible for resizing an image on demand. So whenever you change s200 to a higher or lower number following the s, then the picture that is returned by the complete URL will be either increased or decreased in size. Now i want to programmatically find this part in the url and replace it by lets say "/s800/" in order to make the returned image bigger.
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