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i am using the google map in my own website! the problem that i have is when i wanted to get the location ofthe places, but google does not let me to make more than 10000 request per day for getting the location information! i have to wait 24 hours , and afterward i can again make 10000 request to google map, or i have to be a business owner to make more than 10000 requests perday! anyone has an idea how to handle this, so i do not need to wait 24 hours to make my requests to the location infos!

To add a Google Map on your website

It has been a problem with lots of the users those who are running their online business and yet unable to show the map of their business location on the website. Inserting a Google map on your website will help the visitors to know about the location of your business. Moreover, if the visitors wish to interact with you, they will easily find the exact address of your location.
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