Cannot sync google contacts with OS X Contacts.app

In order to have the same address book data on your android or iPhone and on your desktop Contacts.app you must have a syncing mechanism configured. There are several ways to do this, but the recommended method is using Gmail's CardDAV service.

Workaround for when mousepad clicks do not register for OS X 10.9 login screen to decrypt full disk encryption.

Workaround: Enable the accessibility full keyboard based interaction for handicapped users by pressing Command+F5, the system will switch from a list of user icons to display two text fields. It will beep once and you can then enter the user name, press tab and it will beep twice. Enter the password for the user account. If successful you will then be presented with the normal user account login screen. Press Command+F5 again to turn off the Accessibility features.

Warning: You must know the username and password for at least one user account in order to authenticate and decrypt the disk which will give you access to the standard login window.


User input (mouse clicks) disabled on startup when full disk encryption, mobile accounts are enabled on OS X 10.9

Discover a work around for bug in OS X 10.9 where under some circumstances when full disk encryption,Filevault and mobile account features are enabled the system prevents the user from selecting a specific user using the mousepad, thereby preventing the user from authenticating and unlocking the disk, prior to being presented with the standard login screen for the user account. Indicators that you are experiencing this issue: Upon startup there may be two user accounts for your single mobile account enabled user. Caps lock key works, indicating that the keyboard is functional, however the mousepad will not register clicks, it will only move the mouse.
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