Testing Angular Components

Angular is one of the most modern frameworks for frontend development. While unit testing in backend is nothing special these days and will be practiced in nearly every project. But it's very rare to test frontend components. Which tools/frameworks would you recommend for frontend testing?

The problem you receive is becaus you did not import the Formsmodule into your module and because of this ngModel is not recognized as a property of input.
Add following import to your module:

imports: [


Angular error input field

I am working on an Angular application and try to acces a value of an input field. I receive following error: "Can't bind to 'ngModel' since it isn't a known property of 'input'" Can anybody help me out?

Values not updated in the GUI frontend of a JEE application using the Apache Wicket framework

I am using the Apache Wicket 6.0 framework as the GUI framework in my web application. I have the following problem: after changing the data, the value displayed in the text field does not change according to the data that has been entered respectively calculated after entering it and pressing a button to perform a calculation. Unfortunately, I have to refresh the site. Why does this behavior occur?

Validate an Email address

It's a common task to integrate email addresses to a web application. But how do we check them? How to make sure it's a valid Email Address? On which level?
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