MSSQL Server Aggregate function over column defined as varchar

The goal is to calculate the aggregate functions (sum, avg) over a column which is defined as varchar

Producing a screendump of a website on a Linux server

I'm in a situation where I need to produce a screenshot of a website as part of an automated process on a web server. While this is not a big deal on a desktop, making a screendump on a machine that has, in fact, no screen at all proves a bit more challenging. The solution should obviously be command line based. I also do not want rely on any third party website (of which there are a ton out there) to produce the screenshots. The preferred form of output would be an image of any of the common formats (jpg, png, gif).

Install Egit on remote client

I have a description how to install Egit on Eclipse on a client. According to the description I have done the following: .) started Eclipse .) selected Help -> Install New Software ... .) In "Work with:" selected "--All Available Sites--" .) in the filter field entered "egit" Nothing to select appears as the client is obviously not connected to the site. There might be the following solution, but I could not try it up to now: .) Get the addressof the site with the software. .) If this can be used in the "Add ..." function, I might have done. .) Otherwise I perhaps can download the software to a local directory and use this directory an the "Add ..." function.

Synchronise folders between Linux server and client

I sometimes find myself in a situation where I work on one project but use several different computer systems (all of which run Linux) for that. An example would be an exercise for university which I work on at home on my PC but then take my laptop to university to discuss it with colleagues. Always keeping all the files up to date on both systems is tedious and I often forget to do so. Hence my motivation for the challenge. I have a small server at home which runs 24/7 and is also accessible from outside via SSH. I want to use that as something of a central storage unit for project folders. For that I need a system in place that automatically synchronizes selected local folders to and from that server. The synchronization should occur without me having to initialize it as I'd surely forget that. "Synchronization" in this context means that all files present in a folder on one machine should also be present in an identically named folder on the other one. If a file has a more recent modification date on one machine than on the other the more recent file should replace the older one. Tracking the changes or keeping a history of changes is not necessary. To sum it up: <ul> <li>file synchronization between Linux client and server</li> <li>no graphical user interface server side</li> <li>SSH access to server</li> <li>automated, no user input necessary</li> </ul> Regards and thanks for any input.

Providing internet access with Microsoft ISA-Server

The Microsoft ISA-Server can be uses as a proxy server to provide internet access to a school class. Additionally it gives the possibility to define a firewall to restrict access to some ports. Also it provides a traffic analyser. I installed the ISA-Server on a on Microsoft Windows 2003.
Since my schoolmates had also the task to set up different servers and test them they wanted the opportunity to work from home on their tasks. The conclusion was to install a VPN. For this the ISA-Server was ideal. After a couple of configurations it was possible for my class mates to create a VPN tunnel from home to our class network and work on their projects.

Providing the network of a school class with internet access

The aim was to provide an internet connection for our class network.


Automatic upload - Eclipse - FTP server

Eclipse is an IDE for implementation of applications in different programming languages. During the programing of an PHP web application it must be first deployed to the server in order to run it. It is possible to configure Eclipse to run a PHP program on local server, but sometimes it is necessary to implement the program locally and run it on a remote web server (because of the tweaking of the application or other reasons). We want to make the process of uploading of the PHP files to the appropriate folder on the remote FTP server automatic. The particular file should be uploaded after each save on the local disk.

Tab Sync in Xmarks

You can use the browser extension Xmarks to open remote tabs from a different remote browser session.

You can download the browser extension here:

After installing the extension in all of your browsers you need to log in with your account. If you're not registered yet, you need to create an account. Use the Option "Open Remote Tabs" to see the tabs you opened in different browser sessions. You can now open either all tabs of a previous session by clicking on a browser icon or just certain tabs by clicking on them.

Note: "Remote Tabs" are only supported in these browsers:
Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome


Open Remote Tabs

Nowadays, there are many different browsers available. Sometimes we want or have to change between them because every browser has its advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, at work, people often use a different browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) than at home (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox). Now, when coming home, there should be an easy way to re-open the tabs they had open at work or simply at a different location. Every modern browser allows to open many tabs. However, it is not easy to move these tabs from one browser to another. Challenge: <ul><li>Find an <strong>easy</strong> way to open tabs in the browser of your choice that you recently opened in another browser.</li><li>Choose at least <strong>two</strong> different browsers to work with.</li><li>This should also work when the remote browser is already closed.</li></ul>

Access Database 2010 Portability

There is a case with a very small company that has recently operated from a database in Access 2010 made in two layers (database programs and link to another database with the data.) They would be interested in its portability to the web. The question is: Given that the number of users are few, up to 5 or 6. Sharepoint, web services, MS Office Comunications Server 2007 ... What technology / platform would be well, to use logic layer (the program) and link the db on the server? (Customer has a Windows 2003 server and fixed IP).


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